Firstpost Editor’s Picks: Farooq Abdullah’s incarceration, Amit Shah’s Hindi Divas comment, The Spy review; today’s must-read stories


Moral compass used to plot Farooq Abdullah’s ‘incarceration’ points towards dystopia, not a ‘new Kashmir’

The history of PSA teaches us this: it doesn’t work. Far from crushing dissent, the use of the Act by Sheikh Abdullah gave the religious right legitimacy and social capital. In the build-up to the 1987 elections, the right had coalesced into the Muslim United Front-whose leaders, clad in the white robes of the pious, publicly declared that Islam could not survive under the authority of a secular state.

Unpacking Amit Shah’s Hindi Divas comment: ‘Himperialism’ is characteristic of BJP’s empire-building ambitions

If “diversity of languages and dialects is the strength of our nation”, then why is Shah advocating the weakening of this strength? The answer is in the next sentence: Shah wants “foreign languages” to not find a place in India.

Feel global, act social: How Anand Mahindra builds a corporate brand with his unique ‘tweetitude’

Anand Mahindra crafts his tweets in a manner that etches out his corporate brand and does not miss the brand goal in an impulsive burst even as he engages in casual banter.

The Spy review: Netflix series on Israeli agent Eli Cohen is perfect dramatic showcase for Sacha Baron Cohen

The Spy is based on the true story of Eli Cohen, who successfully infiltrated the highest echelons of Syrian society and government during the first half of the 1960s, feeding valuable information back to his home country of Israel before being found out and executed.

Delhi’s Jamia Nagar has long been perceived as a ‘Muslim ghetto’ — a label new art initiatives are interrogating

In India, there is a dearth of exhibitions that focus on works by artists from the minority community. This, despite the fact that alternative spaces that want to challenge the mainstream art world have begun to get noticed.

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