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Your words express your thoughts, your feelings, and your dreams. Those words come in many forms — long or short, plentiful or few — and they can be heartfelt or phony. Once in a while, a simple look, a glancing nod, or even a hug says more than your words can express. What’s more, there are times when no words can express your happiness or voice your sorrow.

Silence can say everything.

Once words leave your mouth, they’re seldom forgotten. As the saying goes, “You can’t unring a bell.” So be careful what you say or you may live to regret it one day. What’s more, words on paper take on a life of their own. They can last a lifetime…and even longer.

One thing is certain in every language…. You can say things till you’re blue in the face. BUT your words are meaningless if they conflict with your actions.

Words express what’s on your mind, but your actions say what’s in your heart.

A Word to the Wise

People spout out about niceties such as showing gratitude, building trust, or being tolerant. But those words are meaningless if they’re not part of your daily ritual. Do you preach about morality, but fail to live up to the standards that you set for others? Do you make commitments, but fail to keep them as promised? Do you lecture people about civility and tolerance, but bite off the head of someone who disagrees with you? Are you quick to condemn folks for being self-centered and greedy, but fail to raise your own hand and volunteer for others? In other words, do you live by your statements or just talk a good game?

Some folks who prescribe tolerance should take their own medicine.

While your message may say volumes about you, your actions say even more. The true meaning of your words is not what you say, but what you do. Your words are most meaningful when they mirror your actions…and vice versa. Take my word for it.

Do You Lead By Example?

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