Javi Marroquin: CAUGHT Banging One of His Crossfit Students While Lauren Comeau Slept Upstairs! [UPDATED]


When we first learned that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau had broken up, we weren’t terribly shocked.

After all, they’d split once before, and Javi doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to relationships.

And when we learned that Javi had cheated on Lauren — again, we weren’t surprised.

Fidelity is not this dude’s strong suit.

But when we learned the details of Javi’s cheating and the manner in which he got caught … well, we obviously don’t have the highest expectations for Mr. Marroquin, but even we couldn’t believe how it all played out.

All we can say at this point is — poor Lauren.

Take a look at what happened and you’ll see what we mean:

An Ugly Scene

An Ugly Scene

On Saturday night, cops were called to Javi and Lauren’s residence in response to an explosive fight inside the house. But the situation was not what it seemed at first …

Javi was the one who called the police, and it was his sister, not his wife, who caused him to do so.

So What’s the Deal?

So What's the Deal?

It turns out Lidia Marroquin arrived on the scene after catching wind of an intense argument between Javi and Lauren.

Drama In the Marroquin Home

Drama In the Marroquin Home

According to a new report from Radar Online, Lidia decided to “come over and diffuse the situation.” She also hoped to remove Javi and Lauren’s infant son from the house until the situation had calmed down.

Bad Timing

Bad Timing

It seems the fight broke out while several of Javi’s friends were at the house for a party. One of the attendees texted Lidia and told her what was going down.

The Cause

The Cause

So what sparked the incident? Well, Javi owns a Crossfit location in Dover, and it seems the party guests were mostly gym members.

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