Jenelle Evans Runs From the Haters, Disables Instagram Comments Amid David-Ensley Controversy


It was either Shakespeare or Kanye West who said, “Screams from the haters have got a nice ring to it.”

But whoever authored those words of wisdom, it seems Jenelle Evans firmly disagrees.

When things get a little too real for Jenelle, she simply turns tail and runs.

These days, Evans’ only interactions with the public take place on social media — which means that’s where she does the most of her retreating.

Sometimes it’s because Jenelle said something stupid.

Other times it’s because fans are simply concerned by what they saw in one of her photos.

Take Jenelle’s latest Insta-controversy for example:

The Offending Pic

The Offending Pic

Jenelle posted this photo of David Eason and daughter Ensley. And fans were not happy with what they saw.

What’s the Issue?

What's the Issue?

As you can see, it’s just a photo of Ensley posing with her father. Jenelle posts this sort of thing all the time without issue.

Chicken Dave

Chicken Dave

And the only thing that David enjoys posing with more than his guns is his freakin’ chickens, so fans are certainly accustomed to that.



So why are fans so critical of this pic in particular? Well, for starters David doesn’t have the greatest history with animals, particularly when they’re around Ensley.

RIP, Nugget

RIP, Nugget

We probably don’t need to tell you that Eason recently shot and killed the family’s French bulldog. He justified his actions by claiming that the dog had gotten too close to Ensley.

Ensley Up Close

Ensley Up Close

He posted this photo as evidence of Nugget’s vicious attack. Needless to say, fans remained unconvinced.

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