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You Are the Captain of Your Ship

The future you get depends on the choices you make. Period. No one’s going to force you to go to the gym, invest in your personal growth, or save for retirement. Additionally, you can choose to be an honest person, surround yourself with positive role models, and live a healthy lifestyle. Or you can choose an alternate path. The upshot is, you are bound by the consequences of your choices. You are the captain of your ship.

Unfortunately, some folks prefer to make their decisions in a haphazard fashion. They “shoot from the hip” or flip a coin rather than reviewing their options in a deliberate manner. Others make decisions in a vacuum without taking time to collect the facts or consider the consequences. Still others simply follow the crowd to avoid taking personal responsibility, or they base their decisions solely on the advice of another person, rather than on an idea’s true merits. Lastly, some individuals are more interested in checking an item off their to-do list than in making a sound choice. In this case, expediency tops effectiveness.

Not All Choices Are Created Equal.

Next time you forget that you’re the captain of your ship, think about the choices that you make every day and the impact they have on your life. For example, do you:

Surround yourself with positive role models or negative influencers?

Satisfy your needs or try to please everyone else?

Set high expectations or settle for mediocrity?

Keep your promises or break your commitments?

Crave instant gratification or invest in your future?

Grumble about things or work to make them better?

Live in the present or relive the past?

Listen to your conscience or fall victim to temptation?

Forgive and forget or harbor anger?

Accept personal responsibility or make excuses?

It’s your choice: what to think, how to spend your time, who to be.

Are You the Captain of Your Ship?

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